March 28, 2023


I love travelling and have always wanted to (secretly) try writing a blog. The problem was I never considered myself to be a good writer. I was always too afraid to even try. I kept thinking how someone else could do it better. Than one day my mother in law called and asked me to write about my recent visit to Scotland so it can be submitted for an online magazine. Initially, I was scared but I decided, why not? I wrote a short article/essay about single malt scotch from Islay and realized I actually enjoyed the process. I bounced the idea off a few friends about me writing a blog and they were nothing but encouraging. So, here I am, writing my first blog.

I want to make this site helpful for those who might visit the same places I’ve visited. I’ll talk about what I did, places I visited, what I would do differently, etc.

I would love to get helpful suggestions/comments to make this blog better.

I also have in Instagram account where I post more pictures so please check it out: rupal.kakkad

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